четверг, 17 февраля 2011 г.

The Magic of Thinking Big

Перечитывал пару месяцев назад, накопились заметки:
  • People are what we study in our success lab
  • "Conversation generosity"
  • The more successful the person the more he encourages the other person to talk about himself, his..
  • Think first-class about everyone around you and you'll receive first-class results in return
  • "customers" says Mr. Polk "should be treated like they are guests in my home"
  • I've found that so long as I continue to like a fellow, he'll come around and we can get down to business
  • My success is based on one thing. I really like the guy I'm selling. Really. I find some good reasons to like him.
  • Refuse to let others prejudice your thinking. Stay tuned to channel P.
  • There is real danger that if you listen to negative comments about another person, you too will go negative toward that person, in fact if you are not on guard, you may actually find yourself adding fuel to the fire...
  • Thoughts breed like thoughts
  • To make a switch all you must do is think of one positive quality about the individual. In true chain reaction style, this one thought will lead to another and another.
  • You own it, so manage your thought broadcasting station
  • One thought, positive or negative, sets off a whole chain reaction of similar thought
  • No person is all good, no person is all bad, the perfect person just doesn't exist
  • Most people intensively dislike being told "you are wrong". You have a right to your own opinion, but sometime it's better to keep it to yourself.
  • Every time you say something pleasant to a person you compensate yourself
  • Take the initiative in building friendships - leaders always do

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